Anti-Hero Pictures


Mr. Righteous 2014

producer/ mixer/ sound designer/ original score


Mr. Righteous can't catch a break, and then things get real bad. . .


James Righteous gets bullied by life. Then one day after being humiliated by his boss he sneaks out early to drench his sorrows in a bottle of wine. A bad situation turns worse when he stumbles upon his wife and a young stud in their matrimonial bed. James absconds to a buddy's house whose solution to marital infidelity is a night of binge-drinking. Our unlucky hero’s night of debauchery culminates with a newly accrued debt to some unscrupulous thugs, and not paying means James will risk losing the only thing he truly cares about—his son.    

Mara 2015

mixer/ sound designer


Sometimes we hear and see things in a big, creeky building that aren't there... or are they? 


Is the boogeyman under your bed? Does he watch you sleep from your closet? We've all had the sensation of being watched, and we all too often wonder who or what it is. 


Completing some domestic chores in her apartment building, our protagonist can't shake the sensation that something is watching her. The blurring of reality and hallucination drives her to question the truth of what she perceives to be real. When third parties corroborate that there is no one in the basement, she entertains the notion that it is all her imagination. Does she prefer the entity to be real and confirm her suspicions, or does she prefer physical safety with the added concern of her sanity?


Mara is a psychological spookfest playing on the fears many people have when left alone in a big house.  

MR. RIGHTEOUS available for digital download in HD.